Author: Deb Ludeke

How fast does 3 days, 72 hours or 4320 minutes past? ….. Takes a set change!!! What’s a “set change” ? A set change is something a pump user does every 3 days to fill the pump with insulin and replace the cannula which the insulin is delivered though. For 30 years, I did between […]

To Have and To Hold

Type One Diabetes demands so much work around the clock just to stay alive.  The constant  testing,  checking, adjusting, calculating, preventing and recovering from low and high  blood sugars just to make it though a day. Not a day goes by where it’s not talked about and discussed,   involving those who live with this […]

Uncensored Sensors

In the last few days I have realized just how important my access to Continueus Glucose Monitoring is not only to me but also to my loved ones.  Prior too, during and after the North2South run I wore CGM and to be honest without it the run wouldn’t have happened 205kms over 3 and abit […]

Pumping 101

Well the old saying of “you are only as good as the information you are given” is very true when it comes to pumping. If the pump isn’t given the correct information it cannot ensure corrections etc are done accordingly.  Over the last two weeks I have failed pumping badly. Why? Well I think a […]

What’s Next

So here we are two weeks after finishing the North2South run hard to believe that two weeks have passed already!!!! My body seems to have said “enough, it’s time to rest” so after taking part in the Point to Pinnacle next weekend I’m going to do just that!!!! Now the Point to Pinnacle might have […]

Big Kms

What a week!!!! The North2South run was epic and so much fun (maybe marathon running is like child birth and you do forget the pain).  We finished on time arriving at Wrest Point casino last Friday at 11.30am. It was emotional as the last part of it I got to run with special people  and […]

Running South

127 kms in two days, sore feet, media and a MiniMed working extra hard!!!! That’s been our week so far and it’s not over yet!!!! Yesterday we had perfect weather and even got a little sun burnt. Today we had wind, rain and sunshine (got to love Tassie weather). Suffering with compression blisters on my […]