Author: Deb Ludeke

Always Have A Backup!!!!

Since starting on my Medtronic insulin pump I have had back up bits for EVERYTHING – batteries, strips and of course the sets that deliver the insulin. So you can imagine my shock when it started beeping at me low battery and I went to replace it only to find I didn’t have any!!!!!! Of […]

The Things You Learn!!!!

Today was a hard training session known as a Mona Session which is speed work the thing I have learnt since starting this program is that a longer runs 15 plus kms don’t  upset the blood sugars to much BUT a different story when it comes to these shorter but more intense sessions. Started to […]

Long runs with a smile 

Week two of marathon training done and dusted and I’m pleased to report thanks to my Medtronic pump my diabetes is playing along!!!  After suffering with shocking sugars lows last year prior to starting on the  pump (would finish a run with sugars of 1.3) I stopped enjoying running and to be honest looking back […]