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Time To Get Running 

So after weeks, months and years of planning we only have hours left till we start running home.  Don’t think there will be a lot of sleep tonight. Today has been spent making sure we have everything we need (and checking it twice), media commitments and personally thanking some of the wonderful Country Club staff […]

Day Off!!!!

Had a wonderful days running today at the 2015 Burine 10, met some inspiring people, enjoyed some lovely sunshine (not to self wear sunscreen during North2South run), made some lovely new friends and got to catch up with some old ones.  My blood sugars are steady but on the higher side and seem to be […]

Wearing Your Pump

Prior to starting on my insulin pump my main objection to the idea of a pump was where to I put it?  Now as a runner having something extra bouncing around on your hip can become annoying!!!!  But I can say ever since starting on my MiniMed have I noticed it nor has it caused […]

Out and About

Over the last 6 months due to Kms4Kids commitments and running events we have had long days and been away from home  traveling.  Now for someone without type one diabetes that’s no big deal. But as a T1D it takes planning when to test blood sugars, when you will eat, the “God I hope I […]

Pump Savvy

For the third year in a row I was lucky enough to  take  part in the City2Surf but it was also a time to reflect on what a difference a year has made to my health and outlook on being a type one diabetic.  A year ago I walked to the start line of the […]

Back In The Mix

After afew weeks off  yesterday I was thrilled to take on the roll of Tasmanian Road Runners’ Foot Solider (which involved coming at the rear of the field and helping those struggling).  And I have to say it was the true meaning of fun run with lots of happy face completing   the Budget Fun […]